If your woman is in the room while you’re watching this video...If you’re on a PC, politely ask her if you can have the room for a couple of minutes... Or excuse yourself and take your smartphone or laptop somewhere else..

man to man, about what you’ve got going on with your body right now.

So, you’re not feeling as manly as you used to ....
You feel like you’re getting old and weak...
You’re tired all the time, your memory is slipping, you can’t concentrate...
No matter how you eat or exercise, your belly keeps getting bigger…
Maybe you wonder if you have low testosterone
And worst of all, your “baby maker,”?

Doesn’t seem to want to get up and play like it used to…

Maybe you’re struggling with Erectile Dysfunction or ED…

Am I right?

You know the answer… and that’s why you’re still watching.

Look, although it happens to many of us guys as we get older...Even young, healthy men
can have a hard time getting it up sometimes…
Let’s take a quick test to see where you stand. Ready?

Now, this is usually better if you’re standing in front of a mirror in your birthday suit, but that’s okay - go with me here.


If you look down and all you can see is that belly of yours...If your ”tool” is nowhere to be found underneath that big gut. Then probably your ‘soft-body’ problems and your ‘soft-penis’ problems are linked! ...Your testosterone levels probably aren’t anywhere near where they should be either.
Yeah, you might have “Low T.”

Are you sporting a nice set of “man boobs?”

Ummmm, yeah. Not so nice on a guy, are they.


Along with the big belly, ”man boobs” go along with low testosterone. And Low-T is one of the things that can be taking all the power out of your punch. Your muscles have gone soft...Your body is getting round and cushy...Your belly is big...

Your boobs are the envy of some women...
You’re tired, lazy and irritable much of the time...And your libido, your sex drive, is practically non-existent almost all the time. If that sounds like YOU.

I'm Glad You're here.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to share the secret to putting the power back into your erections, the bounce back in the bedroom and those testosterone levels where they should be. You’re going to learn how to lose your belly and build muscle...How to shrink your “man boobs”...How to have better moods, better focus, and a better memory...And how to have more energy and stamina, in and out of the bedroom.

loveThe lady in your life is going to really love that too.

You’ll start to notice a difference in how you look and feel within just a few days...AND you’ll start to increase your T levels WITHOUT injections, heavy exercise, or strict diets.

Now of course, looking down for your junk isn’t exactly a
scientific test for low testosterone...

But the fact is, excess belly fat and low T are often connected. Some studies suggest that low testosterone causes that belly fat...While different studies claim it’s the other way around...That it’s your beer belly contributing to low T levels.

“One” thing is certain though..


Both low testosterone levels AND excessive belly fat are effecting your health and will start to affect :


And how you take care of business in the bedroom. Here’s what I want you to know upfront though; If you’re dealing with low testosterone right now... It’s not your fault. You are one of millions of men worldwide feeling the same thing.

Diet, stress, the environment, the times we live in...
ALL play a part in filling our bodies with toxins while draining testosterone from them! Add to that, as we age, our bodies lose the ability to make testosterone naturally. And then it can become a cycle that’s tough to break out of.

See, testosterone is the main hormone that supports your body’s muscles and the muscle mass helps your body burn fat.

One study said that
after 30 we lose about 1 percent
of our muscle mass per year... And it usually gets replaced by fat.


In fact, after age 30, your testosterone levels are going to start dropping by 2-4% per year. It happens to a lot of us. So even if your weight is the same as it was years ago… much of your body’s muscle has disappeared and turned into fat… which lowers your testosterone levels even more. So, whether it’s through Low-T, stress, bad diet, poor exercise, or all three, they ALL contribute to making you less of the man you COULD be.

I’ll talk more in a few minutes about how we’ve screwed up our body’s male hormone production… More importantly, I’ll share what you can do to get your levels where they should be right away. And believe me, when your testosterone levels are ideal and you are feeling fit and healthy… The benefits go far beyond a small stomach and a big erection.

Studies have shown that

men with good T-levels and a healthy lifestyle

  • Can concentrate better and have improved memories
  • They have more energy and they’re usually in a great mood
  • They sleep more soundly
  • Have lower cholesterol and improved circulation
  • Their bodies burn more fat and lose more weight
  • It’s easier for their bodies to get “ripped” because building muscle becomes easier
  • They feel better about themselves, feel younger even
  • They’re more attractive to women (yeah, women can tell)
  • And along with a having higher libido
  • ARE physically able to take care of women in the bedroom
    (if you know what I mean)
cut cut

Yeah, there are tons of benefits that come along with cleaning up your body and raising those T-levels…

You feel better, you look better, you think better...


And the women around you will KNOW you really ARE better. Especially if you’re over age 30 and are not feeling like the man you used to be on your lifestyle and start cranking up your T levels right away. Trust me, you won’t believe the difference it will make, and not just in the bedroom! And don’t forget, in just a minute I’m gonna share that “one surprising tweak” you can make that’s going to dramatically improve your T levels... and your life...and you’ll see and feel the difference
in a matter of days.

First though...
How’d we get here?

How’d we go from being firm and fit and full of energy...And ready to jump on every female that walked by...

To soft and flabby and lazy...And
not able to ”get it up” when we
want...Or when SHE wants you to?

Most men experience a gradual drop in testosterone after age 30...Some men get hit by it a lot harder, especially if other conditions are a factor. Autoimmune diseases, liver/kidney/pituitary and lung diseases, infections, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, HIV/AIDS...… all can lower testosterone or create circulation problems which can lead to ED. In fact, circulation problems and poor vascular health is one of the leading causes of ED.

An injury to your testicles all can cause lower-than-normal T levels even IN younger men and boys. Alcohol, smoking, chemotherapy, steroids and opioids are often a cause. Stress, lack of sleep, bad diet and a lack of physical exercise also wreak havoc on your testosterone and can cause ED.

So does obesity, which has become an epidemic for men in the US especially. Yeah, your waist circumference could be affecting your ability to get it up!. Losing weight can often get your T levels back on track. But the bad news with most of the diets out there IS...

They can dramatically LOWER your testosterone levels...And kill your libido in the process.


Study after study has shown that eating a bunch of low-fat, high-fiber “diet food” is a sure-fire way to tank testosterone levels, especially if you’re eating a lot of polyunsaturated fats.


There’s a difference between men’s and women’s bodies; have you noticed? img

Those diets were designed for women, NOT for men. There’s a difference between men’s and women’s bodies; have you noticed? Doesn’t it make sense that men should eat differently?

Yeah, we should... but usually we don’t. A weird thing that happens to a lot of men on “low fat” diets is their bodies start converting testosterone, our ”male” hormone, into estrogen, the main sex hormone in women. Yeah, the way you’re eating, Mister, might be telling your body that you’re a Mrs.!

It’s a nasty, vicious, emasculating circle going on when you’re on a diet designed for a female. You’re trying to be James Bond while your body is protesting by turning you into Betty White. Probably not the outcome you’re shooting for..

But it’s what you can expect when you’re following some low-fat diet that was designed for WOMEN.

I’ll have a list of foods men
should avoid shortly..

But I have a couple of questions for you first...

  • How would you like to lose those extra pounds that are slowly piling on as you’re getting older?
  • How about watching that big belly and your “man boobs” melt away?
  • How about turning your body’s fat and flab into ripped muscle...?
  • Maybe even getting more chiseled than you were in your 20s...?
  • How about increasing your energy, sleeping better, having better concentration...?
  • Being in better moods, with a better memory...?
  • How about looking and feeling younger, more confident...?
  • AND having the most powerful erections and the best sex of your life?
    (No doubt the woman in your life would love that too, right?)

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